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Am I ready and capable of love again?

Do you question yourself and tie yourself in knots with the thought-Do I have what it takes to be happy in love? Are you worried that you are going to make the same mistakes in a relationship again? I am really lucky to have a close relationship with my daughter Molly, we have deep conversations

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Bloom where you are planted

Why it’s important to recognise your key strengths and skills Plants can grow in less-than-ideal places such as the tiniest crevices in concrete by harnessing their root systems to find water and nutrients. Just like plants, you can grow and thrive in harsh conditions. Even in the toughest,

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Introduction to Nine Star Ki

Nine Star Ki- a tool for self-discovery Why Nine Star Ki? Nine Star ki is a tool for self-discovery. In life, just as in nature you are either growing or stagnating. When you are growing you have a sense of being alive, purposeful and ‘in life’, even during tough times. When you are stagnating,

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Dealing with Disappointment

5 Ways to Spring Back from Disappointment to Contentment Do you ever get that sinking, deflated, sad feeling of disappointment? Do you get stuck in it and wallow or do you have the tools to jump out? We’ve all experienced disappointments both large and small. Some we can brush off and some

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Trust the Universe to Deliver

Trust the process, trust in you. For years, I found myself tangled in the struggle of connecting with others to grow my business. Despite my deep passion for empowering people and celebrating their brilliance, I was stuck in draining activities that seemed to lead nowhere. Fear of failure loomed

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Stand in Your Truth

Be a mountain of strength for yourself “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” Chinese Proverb I’ve learnt, albeit the hard way, to relax into being me. The authentic, best version of me. Because when I feel good and in flow, everything moves. Well-meaning people

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