Discover Your True Self

and Reclaim Your Life’s Steering Wheel

Are you at a crossroads, pondering, “Who am I, really?” and “Will I feel truly loved again?” Life’s twists—be it a relationship’s end, divorce, a job loss, or an empty nest—often push us to seek ownership of our journey, transitioning from a passenger to the driver.

Despite full-hearted attempts to please, you might have ended up with the short end of the stick; feeling lost, unsure of yourself and seeking answers to what went wrong.

Life grants us occasional opportunities to contract, pause, and expand once more. It offers a chance to realign with your authentic self, to embrace self-love and a life richer than you ever imagined, often arriving when least expected.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with me. Move from heartbreak to feeling heartsafe, from disconnection to connection, guided by love and rooted in the boundless wisdom of nature.

I’m Lindsey Elms. A few years ago, my twenty year marriage ended abruptly, leaving me reeling in grief, pain, and panic. Amidst this upheaval, I embarked on a quest for healing and self-realisation.

Having defined myself through a relationship since my teenage years, the newfound freedom required adjustment. I discovered that without a clear vision of your values, non negotiables or the person you aspire to be, there’s a risk of living for others rather than yourself.

Through my book “Guided By Love” (released on 6/10/2024), Nine Star Ki readings, and personalised coaching, I’m here to lead you toward clarity, inner peace, and that delightful sense of contentment in being your authentic self once more.


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