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Welcome to Lindsey Elms' World of Love, Connection, and Empowerment!

Lindsey Elms is more than just a Self-Love & Connection Author and Coach; she’s a guiding light, a nurturer of inner strength, and a beacon of transformation. Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Northumberland, she shares her life with a cherished family, including two lovable Patterdale Terriers who add an extra dose of joy and love to her everyday adventures.

With a fusion of her innate writing prowess, coaching finesse, and healing talents, Lindsey embarks on a journey alongside women, guiding them through profound transformations that align them with their inherent power and strengths. Her approach is a tapestry of encouragement and warmth, threading empowerment, clarity, and self-compassion into every conversational session.

At the heart of Lindsey’s practice lies the ancient wisdom of Nine Star Ki—a foundational tool woven intricately into her work with women. For over a decade, she has immersed herself in this insightful cosmology, mentored by globally renowned teachers who have enriched her artistry in this realm.

Lindsey’s toolbox brims with alchemy, expertly crafting safe spaces for self-discovery and serving as a catalyst for change. Her attentive ear, open heart, and intuitive perception of potential make her a profound listener, gently guiding women to discover their inner peace, self-love, and equilibrium, particularly during moments of unexpected change, loss, or grief.

Lindsey Elms is not just a coach; she’s a trusted companion, a guide, and a source of unwavering support on the path to self-realisation and healing. She embraces each individual’s unique journey, nurturing a space where transformation flourishes and where women discover the resilience and love within themselves.

Join Lindsey on this empowering expedition toward self-discovery, where the essence of love, connection, and empowerment converge to illuminate your path.


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