Nine Star Ki Descriptions

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1 Water

1 Water is associated with winter, midnight, the void and downward, inward energy. This archetype is symbolised by deep water.

One water energy is reflective, characteristic of contemplation, meditation and sleep. People with this energy are deep thinkers and are innovative. Philosophical, intuitive, sensitive and like to find meaning.

Water can be fresh, vital and active (mountain streams) so they can appear to be lively and positive with a spirit of adventure. At other times deep, brooding, slow and calm (ponds, lakes, sea).

1 Water people have an independent nature which likes to explore. With the easy ability to find the way around obstacles in life, seeing connections and then considering objectively to move them forwards. Their ideas come from an inner knowing more than thinking.

With a dislike of being obstructed 1 Water people like to flow where they wish to go and are not easily contained. Water needs movement and flow otherwise it stagnates. However, water benefits from guidance and direction. Most water sources have some sort of container like a river bank or a tea cup. Without containment you can be chaotic and undisciplined- think of a river bursting its banks!

2 Earth

2 Earth is associated with late summer, afternoon and Mother, a nurturing and supportive energy. This archetype is symbolised by Mother Earth.

2 Earth energy is like lunchtime; a time for discussion, finding out what’s going on as well as some reflection for what needs to be done in the afternoon- a bit nosy and likes to be prepared. They are great at organising and are exceptionally kind and thoughtful.

2 Earth energy is the quality of unconditional giving, of the breast-feeding mother. Constantly giving of her resources and whoever receives this energy thrives.

2 Earth is a nurturing as well as a containing and supporting energy. We could not thrive without our Mother Earth constantly holding us and giving us all her natural resources, this energy in alignment offers deep nurturing to all.

Family, friends and relationships are most important to 2 Earth people.

They are the peacemakers, incredibly loyal and patient.

2 Earth
3 Tree

3 Tree is associated with early spring, dawn and upward energy. This archetype is symbolised by young plant shoots 

Imagine a new little shoot so excited and determined to be alive that it pushes its way through concrete. This is the energy of Tree.

3 Tree people are full of ideas and creative expression, though not all ideas come to fruition. Like the plethora of baby sea turtles born on a beach- not all make it to the sea.

3 Tree people are like sunrise when the birds are singing, a new day full of possibilities, enthusiastic, spontaneous and impulsive. A warrior like energy, strong, fierce and ready to take action. They value doing over being.

They can be impulsive and get frustrated. Independent yet need the support of others.

If frustration turns to anger, they can be like thunder- boom and then its out of their system and over!

4 Tree version 2

4 Tree is the energy of late spring and late morning and has a spiral energy (adaptable). This archetype is symbolised by a Tree or Bamboo. 

4 Tree people are like a gentle wind- easy going, gentle and open minded. They make great counselors and guides due to their non-judgemental manner. Like bamboo they can be flexible and adaptable, moving with the breeze.

If you think about the wind, it can be influential and persistent- you can’t easily ignore a draft or the air on the back of your neck. It penetrates and invites you to take notice without being overbearing. They can be very charming.

4 Tree people are creative and have a natural way of opening up new ways of discovery. They like to take things step by step.

4 Tree version 2
5 Earth

5 Earth is the centre, a catalyst, all energies touch it and it touches all other energies, a very strong supportive energy. This archetype is symbolised by the Yin Yang symbol of balance. 

5 Earth people are a powerful force of nature. This energy is symbolised by a wheel or a dream catcher. It is the hub, like in the centre of a turning wheel. Powerful, resilient, resourceful and natural problem solvers.

5 Earth people have a very stabilising energy and tend to be practical, organised and have lots of common sense. With extraordinary problem-solving abilities, they can come up with solutions for individuals and groups making order out of chaos.

5 Earth people are strong supporters of others and are incredibly compassionate. They are the solid ground beneath our feet and our source of healing and nourishment.

6 Metal version 2

6 Metal is the energy of late autumn/ winter, evening and father- a direct energy. 

This archetype is symbolised by the sword and the starry sky. 

Metal is associated with autumn- the leaves are turning red and yellow and are falling off the trees, the weather is becoming crisper and the daylight becomes shorter. In human beings the lung and large intestine represent the process of letting go, exhaling and eliminating what we no longer need, leaving room to inhale inspiration and oxygen. 

6 Metal carries a powerful energy, symbolised by the divine father. Father energy is loving and respectful and as such people listen to you. A natural leader. A protective energy that can be strong, authoritative, precise and practical. 6 Metal uses the edge of a sword to cut through the extraneous to get to the heart of the matter. Precision animated by wisdom and tenderness.

6 Metal version 2
7 Metal

7 Metal this is the energy of autumn, evening. A joyful energy. This archetype is symbolised by a lake. 

7 Metal people are attuned to accomplishing beautiful things with grace. They appreciate the natural wonders of life. Like the youngest daughter, they are likely to be carefree and receive easily.  They can be charming, quick witted and make great hosts.

Autumn is all about reaping the rewards of the harvest and celebrating with parties. A time of accomplishment and the joy of success.

7 Metal is also refined and so people holding this energy like a bit of sophistication and quality. They can be sensitive, reflective and observant. And have a focussed energy that can be stubborn at times.

8 Earth version 2

8 Earth is the energy of pre spring, before the dawn. This archetype is symbolised by a mountain. 

8 Earth is the time between deep winter and spring when the seeds underground are coming alive- the seeds of change. 

In nature the image for 8 Earth is the mountain. Mountains are strong, immovable and you can lean on them. Mountains also tend to support all sorts of life on their slopes.

8 Earth people take their responsibilities very seriously. They are hardworking, reliable and steadfast.

Extremely generous people who naturally want to support others. With a deep capacity for personal growth, this is a revolutionary energy.

8 Earth version 2
9 Fire

9 Fire is the energy of midsummer at noon, a very active energy. This archetype is symbolised by fire (from a flame to a forest fire) and the heart. 

9 Fire people are full of passion and tend to be full speed ahead! Charismatic and social. They burn brightly and are usually easily noticed, although some may be quieter.

They are open hearted, outgoing and thoughtful. They express and spread love and joy. They are affectionate and have a sweetness about them.

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