Call Yourself Back to Yourself: A Free Guided Meditation

Feeling Drained? Reclaim Your Energy and Inner Peace

Do you often find yourself over-giving, overdoing, and people-pleasing? When you give so much of yourself to others, it’s easy to feel like a dried-up husk, parched of love and connection. In the hustle of daily life, you can lose touch with your own needs, wants, and feelings, leaving you mentally and physically exhausted.

Introducing: Call Yourself Back to Yourself Guided Meditation

This free guided meditation is designed to help you reclaim your energy, find your balance, and restore your inner peace. When you call your energy back to yourself, you can feel whole and empowered, able to set healthy boundaries and make choices that are best for you.

What You'll Gain:

Renewed Energy: Feel stronger and more vibrant as you draw your energy back to your core.

Inner Balance: Achieve a sense of peace and clarity, knowing where you end and others begin.

Empowerment: Stand fully in your power, making choices that are right for you without guilt or resentment.

Healthy Boundaries: Understand and reinforce your personal boundaries to protect your energy.

The Meditation Process:

Step 1: Reclaim Your Personal Space

Find a comfortable position and gently close your eyes

Visualise a bubble surrounding you, defining your personal space.

Breathe in, filling your bubble with sparkly light, repairing any tears or holes.

On the out-breath, draw all your scattered energy back to your center, feeling more ‘you’—stronger, clearer, and assured.

Step 2: Sweep Away What Doesn’t Belong

Breathe in and sweep away anything that shouldn’t be in your bubble, clearing out tensions, anxieties, and unwanted thoughts.

On the out-breath, gather yourself back like a magnet, releasing all that doesn’t serve you into the ground for Mother Earth to compost.

Step 3: Fill Yourself Up with Love

Imagine connecting to all the love in the universe, placing your hand on your heart and feeling warmth and joy.

Breathe in love, peace, and gratitude, filling yourself up and radiating this warmth throughout your entire being.

Continue breathing in love and out peace until you feel full and complete, then slowly return to the present moment

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