Bloom where you are planted

Why it’s important to recognise your key
strengths and skills

Plants can grow in less-than-ideal places such as the tiniest crevices in concrete by harnessing their root systems to find water and nutrients.

Just like plants, you can grow and thrive in harsh conditions. Even in the toughest, most adverse circumstances something beautiful and resilient can emerge.

Why is it important to recognise your key strengths and skills?

Recognising your key strengths and skills gives you confidence in all that you are and all that you do. When you know your strengths, values and gifts- what you stand for, it saves time and energy because you have a guideline to refer to.

When you’re then faced with a difficult situation, you can draw upon that knowledge. If you are feeling stuck, focusing on your strengths helps you gain more clarity and confidence. Self-awareness gives you inner strength which you can use to dig deep into your resolve knowing that no one else can take it away from you.

Harnessing your skills helps you to accomplish your goals and overcome challenges.

The benefits of knowing and utilising your unique gifts go beyond personal satisfaction. People who actively use their skills are more productive, have a sense of purpose and greater levels of fulfilment.

Accept where you are

If you find yourself in a tricky or uncomfortable place, firstly accept that you are there.

Acceptance is allowing things to be how they are without the need for them to be any different. In a similar way to how you accept nature just as it is- that trees are trees, mountains and flowers are as they are and we don’t judge them.

Acceptance is a powerful form of self-love.

If you deny, reject or label parts of yourself; deem some parts lovable or unsatisfactory and some parts not, that is not self-loving. When you begin to love and accept all sides of you, welcome them all and understand them- love can bloom.

Acceptance creates space.

When you have space in your mind and an open heart, you have peace and clarity and you can respond to situations in alignment with your best self. Instead of reacting from a place of fear, judgement or anger.

From a space of acceptance, you can reflect on your past successes and what made them possible. Can those same skills be replicated in your current situation? Do you need more resources, support and nurturing?

Pay attention to what energises you. What tasks or activities do you enjoy doing? What comes naturally to you? These are indications of your strengths.

Focussing on your strengths does not mean ignoring your weaknesses, rather using your strengths to overcome them. It also doesn’t mean that you have to be strong all the time or avoid reaching out for help- it takes a village of support when your whole world changes.

Self- reflection is an important aspect of personal growth. When you take time to think about your experiences, you gain new insights and awareness about your strengths, saboteurs and goals. Self-reflection can also help you to identify patterns in your behaviour and thought processes. Being aware means that you can do something to change them if they are not serving you. It can also improve your relationships with others because when you understand yourself, you are better equipped to communicate your needs and boundaries. And you realise that everyone has different strengths and so what works well for you, may not for someone else.

Self-reflection can be challenging and uncomfortable at times. It may bring up difficult emotions or make you look at aspects of yourself that you don’t like. However, it’s through discomfort that you can truly grow and develop. Remember then to approach it with kindness and self- compassion and don’t be afraid to seek support.

Self-doubt is a common experience when faced with new challenges or uncertainty. It’s scary because its unfamiliar, not because you’re incapable. Knowing your strengths and skills can help you refocus and dial down negative self-talk. A useful exercise is to write down an affirmation, mantra or a lighter thought that reinforces your self-worth and repeat it to yourself whenever you need a confidence boost.

One of my favourites is:

All is well

Nothing can go wrong

All my needs are met

I am safe and loved.

Self-discovery- an antidote to self-doubt

Another antidote to self-doubt is self-discovery. Take some time to consider what your values, interests and passions are. When you have a clear understanding of what matters to you, it can help you make decisions that align with tasks and aspirations. Exploring new activities and hobbies can help you discover a whole new level of motivation and strengths that light you up.

Finding and using your strengths

There are several ways to do this, one of my passions and skills is consulting your Nine Star Ki which is a personality profiling blueprint based on the cycles and wisdom of nature. If you’d like to know more about Nine Star Ki please see my blog Introduction to Nine Star Ki where you’ll find information on what it’s all about and how to calculate your first of three numbers that show you your unique love song to the world.

Another way is to ask yourself questions such as:

  1. What energises you?
  2. How would your close friends describe you?
  3. How do you stay motivated?

Remember that it’s scary sometimes because it’s unfamiliar, it does not mean you’re incapable. Wherever you are planted, whatever the situation you find yourself in, you have innate strengths that you can use to bloom.

With love and hugs

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