Trust the Universe to Deliver

Trust the process, trust in you.

For years, I found myself tangled in the struggle of connecting with others to grow my business. Despite my deep passion for empowering people and celebrating their brilliance, I was stuck in draining activities that seemed to lead nowhere. Fear of failure loomed over me, fearing a return to the conventional 9-5 grind, which I knew wasn’t my path.

Each time I had a promising idea, I’d dive into learning new skills like website creation, SEO, and funnels, only to drown in overwhelm and confusion. It felt like I was sinking while the world spun around me at breakneck speed. 

Adding to the pressure was my husband, indifferent to my aspirations, focused solely on my role as a provider for the family.

Understanding why I struggled with these challenges eluded me.

Despite the positive feedback from those I helped, I couldn’t grasp why success seemed out of reach. Then, unexpectedly, my world shattered when my husband of two decades abruptly ended our marriage and moved away. I was left to navigate the aftershocks that reverberated through every aspect of my life.

In the midst of this chaos, a clear image appeared in my mind, as if the universe had whispered it to me: a crane lifting me gently out of the turmoil. It became my beacon of hope, a reminder that despite the pain, this chapter of my life was closing for a reason.

As the dust settled and clarity emerged, my self-confidence surged. I shed old, burdensome beliefs like shedding a heavy coat in summer. I realised that what I lacked was support. 

Once I allowed myself to seek help, a floodgate of assistance opened. I discovered that I didn’t have to navigate this journey alone; it truly takes a village to build anything worthwhile.

Human connection, a fundamental need, had been lacking in my life. The initial support I received was like water in a desert, nurturing and liberating. As I allowed myself to receive, I knew there was no turning back.

Life blessed me with serendipitous encounters and opportunities that provided financial support, mentorship, and, most importantly, the freedom to be authentically myself. 

So, to anyone with dreams of a brighter future or a nagging feeling that something isn’t right, I urge you to trust in life. Reach out for support, and you’ll find the ground rising up to meet you.

With love and hugs

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