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Nine Star Ki ~ learn the magic of YOU.

Welcome to the world of Nine Star Ki – your compassionate and accurate guide to self-discovery and life navigation!

When life feels uncertain and you’re seeking clarity about your true self and the path ahead, Nine Star Ki offers a reassuring map grounded in nature. It’s your tool for healing, enhancing self-awareness, and planning your life to align with its natural flow.

As a part of nature, you share its rhythms and predictable patterns. Nine Star Ki provides nine archetypes or personality patterns, each with a supportive and sabotaging side. Balancing these sides is the key to connecting your self-worth and self-love, like having an energetic wind at your back for forward progress.

Your personal Nine Star Ki Chart consists of three numbers:

  1. Birth Star (Guiding Star): Your optimal potential, strengths and saboteurs, gifts, talents,and driving force.

  2. Inner Star: How you think and communicate and is the home of your emotions.

  3. Soul Star: Reveals how you make decisions, how others see you, and your highest aspirations.

In a private consultation, we’ll delve into your numbers, emphasising strengths, challenges, and maximizing energetic flow. This process unveils deep insights, providing a roadmap for your personal growth and upcoming months.

Curious about how a Nine Star Ki reading can benefit you?


Have you been struggling to recognise what’s great about you lately?
Decided now is the time to be your true self?
If you love personal development and enhancing your self-awareness, perhaps you enjoy journaling, Tarot, Angel Cards, or practicing Yoga or have a love of nature, then Nine Star Ki awaits you. It’s a blueprint based on the cycles of nature, helping you understand your personality (balancing your strengths and saboteurs) and navigate through life’s challenges.


Explore the Magic of You

Nine Star Ki is not just information; it’s ancient wisdom. Originating over 12,000 years ago, it’s a Japanese adaptation of Chinese wisdom, deeply rooted in observing the environment and understanding the influence of seasons and timing on one’s character.


Embrace the Energy Within You

You are made of energy, and Nine Star Ki recognises this life force, referred to as Ki, Chi, or Spirit. It’s the energy that fuels your zest for life, your sparkle, and your ability to sense and connect with others.


Yin and Yang: The Dance of Opposites

Nine Star Ki embraces the concept of Yin and Yang, the feminine and masculine forces of nature. These energies dance in an everlasting movement, providing insights, discernment, and balance.


Discover Your Archetypes and Patterns

Nine Star Ki is a beautiful system guiding you home to yourself, connecting you with your deeper self. By understanding the archetypal patterns associated with each year, you gain insights into your talents, triggers, and challenges.


Align with the Natural Flow

As you align with each stage of the nine-year cycle, life flows more easily. Each year has a theme, a plan, and emotional patterns associated with it. Knowing these in advance empowers you to work with them instead of feeling confused or overwhelmed.


Embrace Confidence and Harmony

Connecting with your Nine Star Ki archetypes allows you to recognise and embrace your natural gifts and talents. Life takes on a vibrant buoyancy, and you can confidently pursue your plans by trusting yourself and without the need to seek approval . Stress is managed, and you rediscover the freedom of being in tune with yourself.

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